You can have your portrait session in two different styles, Lifestyle or Studio.

Lifestyle portraits are where I join you at a location of your choice, this can be in your own home / garden, public gardens or a place that has personal meaning to you. Shooting on location helps keep that personal uniqueness within the photo and allows for larger groups.

With studio portraits, they can be done in your own home if you have adequate space available to set up. This is great when it comes to convenience to you as it allows you to get many shots in different styles of clothing. They can be highly flexible to make sure you get the best shots possible in a studio environment.

Why not get your pets involved in the photos too, Pets of all kinds are welcome in any of the sessions you choose, as a portrait photographer I want to capture everyone that is important in your life.

Both styles are done in a relaxed and fun environment, so you will feel completely at ease and enjoy yourself!

Once the session is finished all your photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery that you can share with your family and friends, where they can purchase prints if they choose to do so. The photos are usually ready to be viewed within a week, depending on how many photos were taken on the day.

Canvas and framed prints are available for any of your shots. If you are unsure about how any of the photos will look on certain products, please get in touch for advice to prevent disappointment.