Everything you expect from a Photo Booth will be available from the props, to the high-end studio lights and backdrop so all the fun photos will be in outstanding studio quality.

Key Features of the Photo Booth

Advanced Green Screen Technology

Make your images come to life! The Photo Booth has green screen technology enabling me to put any background in your pictures!

You can simply supply me with a digital image (or multiple images) of the back ground you want to display in your prints or choose from a selection preselected images, it’s that simple!

When your guests enter the booth they will be able to choose the background in the photo booth screen enabling them to interact with it before the camera takes the picture.

The booth can be set to print the same background image on all 3 pictures, or you can have 3 different back ground images for each camera shot as shown making your photo booth hire that little bit extra fun.


Get Social & Share!

What better way for your guests to show off how much fun they’re having than a status update to Facebook or Twitter? Take advantage of our social media integration so your guests can do just that. We can also send your photos directly to your smartphone or email account.

This feature is only available if a wifi connection is available. Please speak to your vendor if one is available.

3… 2… 1… Smile!

There is very little user input required to start the photo booth, when you arrive and get all dressed up in the props, all you will have to do is press the start button when you are ready for the countdown to begin! Once pressed you will get a 5 second countdown before each photo is taken.

Once the session is complete, you can see the results show up on the monitor while your photo is being printed.

Plenty of Room!

Everyone loves a group photo of everyone involved, but you can’t fit everyone into a tiny box! That is where this photo booth excels in, it is an open air photo booth!

The Photo booth can be sized to your preference and can be made suitable to fit 1- 5 guests comfortably or be extended to hold 25+ guests!

There are no barriers or walls limiting how many people are in the photo, the booth consists of the kiosk and the background with only your venue being the limitation of how big the booth can be.

Maximum Background Dimensions: 20ft x 10ft

More Features

When booking the photo booth you can choose a selection of 10 backgrounds in these fixed themes. Each theme comes with 10 backgrounds.

By hiring this service you agree to the Terms and Conditions.