Boudoir Photography

My shoots are all about you. I don’t get carried away with the fluffy and adorn you with feather Boas or frippery. I like to keep it gorgeous and real.

Photo Shoot Styles

From start to finish your experience is fun, pampering, rewarding and more importantly private. Ladies come for my boudoir photo shoots for many reasons, most notably they are: –

  • Brides requiring a sensual and personal boudoir wedding gift for their groom
  • Gifts for those big number birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, or Anniversary
  • Confidence Boosts and boudoir makeovers for your self
  • Pregnancy Portraits capturing you and your bump and all its natural beauty

I offer two different kinds of packages to suit the needs of those who want a few shots done, or others who want to make an albums worth. Below are the details of what’s included in each package.

If you and a friend book the same time slot you will get £50 taken off the total price.

Mini Boudoir


  • Meeting and consultation of your shoot
  • 2 Hour Session
  • 4 Outfit changes
  • Access to all photos on a hidden password protected gallery
  • Photos presented in a USB Presentation Folio
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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a concern to many of my clients.  I have photographed many women who want to protect their identity.  Thus, we’ve built in several safeguards to ensure that your privacy will be protected at all times, and you will have complete control over which images (if any) are released and where they appear.

First of all, other than e-mail correspondence, your full name will never be associated with your photos.  All images are processed by me. Your images are also archived in house and can be permanently deleted if you request. To create your products, I work with a professional book binder and print lab who also understands your privacy concerns.

All of the images that you see on this website are used with permission.  After your session, you will have the opportunity to grant me permission to use any images, specific images or no images at all. You may also let me know how and where they may be used.  For example, you may opt to allow your images to be used as studio samples and in promotional materials (i.e. brochure), but not on the website or blog. I will NEVER use an image from your session without your consent.

You always have the right to keep all images private, however because I exercise new skills and stretch myself creatively with every session, I would LOVE to share my work with new clients!!  I give a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who does allow me permission to share images. It is extremely helpful to new clients to see my current work and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. So, thank you!

As always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or if there is a specific concern that you would like to address.

What to expect

Location: To make things as easy and as comfortable for you, the photo shoot can be done in your own home! This saves you having to take and pack your clothing when it is already there. This also allows you to try multiple changes to your hearts content, depending on the package you go for.

Makeup and Hair. I like to keep this as focused on you, and with that in mind, the best way to show you as you, is for you to do the make-up as you would like to see yourself. Alternatively, if you would like your make-up to be done professionally we can arrange something.

Session Planning. After hair and makeup, we will spend a good 10-15 minutes just selecting outfits, the style you want with each outfit, and the atmosphere you want to be produced in your shots. We will even discuss the jewelry, shoes and props (if any) you want with each outfit so we don’t forget anything. Got an idea of what you want? You can bring images with you to show me as well and we will try and replicate them!

The Photo Shoot. We will start with the most comfortable clothing and simple poses and advance from there. My sessions can take up to six hours so be prepared to tighten your stomach, arch your back, and just have fun! I will give you super easy-to-follow posing directions so no prior experience in front of camera is needed. I am all for making this experience as relaxing as possible so why not play your favorite music while we work. I promise that you will love the experience just as much as the photos!

During the shoot I will be showing you the results I have taken on my camera, not only does this give you a confidence boost at seeing how great you look, but also helps improve the next set of photos with better poses and less nervousness. And if you do not like the photo, not a problem! We can take it again until you are satisfied.

Image Selection: After the shoot is over, and you are satisfied we have captured everything you desired, I will begin to process the photos back at HQ, usually the photos will be available to be viewed the following day in a hidden password locked gallery, that I will grant access to just you. This way you will have no worries of people that you don’t want seeing them.